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Heyyy…Wanna Be Friends?

October 16, 2010

I want to be friends with Zooey Deschanel. She is just the cutest little thing! Something about her that I really love is her style. I mean if you know me, you know I love vintage, but Zooey is the real deal when it comes to vintage things, she is like the Queen of Vintage Looks. I just love that this kind of style and can be edgy and different but wearable and at the same time there is something very clean and pure about it. I recently came upon some images of Zooey layered up getting ready for the cold breezy air to sweep throughout the northern hemisphere and just wanted to share : )


I LOVE this skirt length! It’s just so perfectly….perfect. It’s not so long that you look like your from George Washington times and it’s not so short that you MUST wear tights or if shorter….then that’s just too short, I’m sorry if anyone is disappointed by that fact.

Ahhhhh, it’s the She and the Him. I think some rompers can go very very wrong, but this one is ADOR! With certain rompers and dresses I love that you can wear them in the summer but then if its chilly you can just slip on some tights! Any tights! Bright tights! Dark tights! Lace tights! Knit tights! Shear tights! Patterned tights! Solid tights! Patterned AND solid tights!…Just thoughts I’d name some incase nobody has seen different kinds of tights before…

This dress isn’t necessarily something that screams fall or winter but it is just SO cool and classy that I HAD to share with you few people who probably follow my blog.

I’d have to say this blue is my new favorite color. I really like that its a bold color but it’s not obnoxiously in your face.

Win. This coat is a Winner. Just look at it! It’s totally absolutely completely adorable. A Winner is what this coat is.

Something I love about vintage is the fact that they are classic pieces. Don’t get me wrong, taking a little trip over to the good old Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 is always very special and sometimes too much fun BUT I’ve recently been having a love-hate relationship with those kinds of stores. I can’t think of 1 thing I have from either of those stores that I bought 6 months to a year ago that I still genuinely LOVE to wear. And now when I go in there I just can’t help but think that most of the things held in those stores are just too trendy. Why should I waste my money on a shirt or skirt that is going to be only cool for just that season of that year….Even though I’ve come to this conclusion, I still go in there and want everything. It’s messed up, man.

So that is what is so FABULOUS about vintage! They are classic pieces. Every single piece of vintage I have are my favorite garments in my closet. Even ones I got a few years ago I still wear all the time…probably too much actually. Haha! Yeah, definitely too much, I mean to a point where a few people have really started to be concerned. But I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will continue to wear them too much!!! Every time you get something that’s vintage, you’re getting something that is a one of a kind and if you shop for it the right way then you can get it for SUPER CHEAP! What could be better in life? Ha. Just kidding. But it is pretty radicle experience.

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