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Cleveland Represent.

October 3, 2010

The start of this year I’ve had to pleasure to intern with Cleveland’s own Valerie Mayen of Yellowcake clothing!!!! Oh, and NOT TO MENTION she was on this Season 8 of Project Runway???? Yeah, she rocks. Valerie’s technique and signature look is so fricken awesome and totally unique. I’ve never seen anything like it and her jackets especially are absolutely amazing! For a while I have had the thought and expectancy to apply for PR (the DAY I turn 21!), but its been quite interesting hearing what the show is actually like behind the scenes. As amazing of an experience it would be, I honestly don’t know if I would be able to handle it. From what I got to know about the show, it seems as though it is DEFINITELY a challenge of who can handle the most pressure than who has the most talent. Unfortunately, Valerie got booted off last week, but she made it to the TOP 7!!! Which is still really good because since she was within the top 10, she got to make a collection to show at New York’s fashion week. And her collection was seriously sick. It got awesome reviews and she’s even making a dress for Jordan Sparks! What? Anyways, every week there has been a different viewing party hosted by local Pro-Cleveland restaurant/bar’s but last night was at this SUPER cool location down town, Ligget Stash. Tons of people were there to support Val, as this being her last episode. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery died so I had to use my phone to take pictures so the quality is pretty much crap, but ya know…But at the party there were big photographs all around venue of local models modeling pieces of the collection all around down town and some of Val’s best work was displayed on manikin’s, different local restaurants sponsored the event with yummy food and the live show was projected across this huge wall. It was all pretty legit.


Valerie had a lot to say about the show before, during and after the episode. She really handled everything with what happened on the show so well. It all was actually very moving, at the end of the episode she went around and said to each designer personally how she’s loved knowing them and their amazing strengths as a designer. From the show, she’s obviously gotten a lot of publicity, but she made it clear to everyone that she IS STAYING in the Cleve! She’s representing this city well, and she’s doing so much here that is really helpful to local fashion designers.

Also, for the collection in New York, Valerie and another intern, Xin Xin, designed these UH-MAZING head pieces for each outfit. They were really wacky and bold, and one of Val’s friend actually made them. When she brought them to the studio, Val loved them so much her friend made more that were a little more wearable for an everyday kind of thing so Valerie and all the interns wore them all night. That’s one of them above (ignore the creepy look on my face…I’m not sure what was going on in my head). All of them are really colorful and bold, just like Yellowcake of course. Mine was actually one of the more simple ones, but I shall show you the originally ones once their up!

Even though Valerie got kicked off last week, next week’s show is being held at Virginia Marti on W.117th and Detroit, its gonna be super fun and something crazy might happen… ; ) So come before the show starts and meet Valerie herself!

P.S. If you like Cleveland and Valerie (which, why wouldn’t you?!?!?), then you’ll vote for Valerie as fan favorite! Whoever becomes the #1 fan favorite, wins $10,000!!!! And since Valerie is like the nicest person ever, if she continues to be #1 she is going to give 2,000 of those dollars to Cleveland’s City Mission…because she rocks. So to vote for her go to the link below and use your handy pointer finger to click on the “Like” button!

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