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Cleveland Ingenuity Festival

September 27, 2010

Welp, this weekend was the Ingenuity Festival which was so hard-core!…Actually hard-core. The Ingenuity Festival takes place under the Detriot/Superior bridge that leads down town, it’s a really cool bridge because–well, first of all, it lights up really bright blue at night, so why wouldn’t it be cool??–but also because  old rail road tracks used to be under there way long ago but they aren’t anymore so it actually leads to different restaurants and markets above on the streets which got to open up this weekend for the festival so people could walk down to it and stuffs. So ANYWAYS, this festival had a lot of really wacky art with a mix a technology and light fixtures plus AWESOME indie bands and different kind of performances were going on all weekend long, non-stop!

Throughout the entire exhibit, there were these super crazy colorful light fixtures! (I heard they were even in the bathroom……………..that’d be fun.)

As you got further and further in, it got a little more and more creepy. There was a puppet show going on in this really curious little tent made of different fabrics, but….unfortunately…………………..we were too scared to go in….


Woah, woah, woah! Cats. The cats were moving the entire time like they were walking and you could go behind the sheet and move them yourself too. Little kids were going crazy.

These are water bottles, with a blue light on them. The caption was : “Water is not in these bottles, These bottles are in water”….or somethin like that.


Heyyyyyyyyyyyy. That’s me….standing in the middle of a light, because I usually like to do things like that. And this little monster was crawling up the staircase.

Here was a man-made water fall, and when you looked under your feet in little slots that were open you could see the water…my sister Morgan thought we were going to die…hah…what a freak.

And the grand finale!! Well, in my mind at least…

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