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What? Senior Pics?

September 13, 2010

So, since I am now a senior in high school, my mother feels as though getting senior pictures are a #1 priority. I originally really didn’t want to get senior pics because the ones I’ve seen just don’t seem like me. I don’t like it when photographs are in a boring atmosphere and posed. BUT I came to the conclusion that if someone who knows my style, like my sister Tara, then she could take my senior pictures instead of some random 50-year-old person who doesn’t know my style or personality (NOT saying that there is anything wrong with that, I just don’t feel comfortable…just sayin’).

We ended up going nowhere else but to the flats of Cleveland! I love being in the heart of this city, Cleveland’s architecture is so beautiful and has so much character. I tend to like old things better than new, so we got a lot of shots of old brick and rail road tracks and bridges. I took this day as a chance to really express my style and who I am on the inside…haha! That’s so cheesy…but true.

This picture I had a lot of fun with because I love vintage and old hollywood and wearing dresses!!! So I had to have at least ONE picture with all of that!

This was taken right by the rail road tracks, Tara just took this because she was messing around but I like the feel of it.

And then I fell asleep in the middle of the shoot.

Follow the yellow brick wall!….Oh! Incase you haven’t noticed yet…I tend to say SUPER nerdy things…its what I do.

See that amazing scarf/hoody thing I’m wearing??? Yes, well that would be one of Cleveland’s own Wrath Arcane  pieces I was lucky enough to get for FREE while interning at this summer’s MADE in the 216 which is this TOTALLY SO FLIPPIN COOL event that comes around two times a year just for one weekend that holds all things Cleveland! Tons of different artists sell at this event, anything from clothes to furniture to art to jewelry/accessories to home goods to kids things all of which are locally based! And I’m not talkin some crappy little beaded necklaces that I made while babysitting and eating a sloppy joe sandwich. I’m talking TRUE CHIZ. Anyways, interning with Danielle (founder of the adorable Room Service store and Made in the 216) and Sean (founder of the rockin clothing line Wrath Arcane) was so much fun and they both have taught me so much!

I went through this glorious phase where for some reason I was able to do a poof with my hair REALLY well!! Sadly, that phase passed so I cut my bangs short. BUT I have found that hair spray works miracles!!! I was able to make a poof without using ANY bobbypins…and now I got the magic of the poof once again! So this is me feeling my poof. Its so right. 

Every summer across from the West Side Market on W.25th street, this super nice chick named Anna sells the most amazing vintage things! A couple of years ago when I first saw this jacket, I literally just stared at it with my mouth open for like 2 minutes straight…I have never encountered such an amazing shopping experience in my life before. Ever since then, I still buy some of my favorite vintage pieces from her and even though we have exchanged names, I will still forever be known as “the girl who bought the jean jacket”.

I made that skirt last winter, there is an exposed zipper in the back, I’m really into the whole “exposed zipper” thing. If you will learn anything today, learn that not all zippers are of the best quality! Funny story…I was at bowling club one day and something felt weird and I quickly realized that when it was my turn to bowl, the zipper completely broke in the back! How ‘bought that. Bowling club…people underestimate the intensity of it.

AND besides the Barbie bike I had in first grade, this is by far my most favorite bike! I got it for 10 dollars!! That’s right…TEN DOLLA. I wanted to have it in one of my pictures because its just so me!

Hope you enjoyed my senior pictures! And my little rants about each one!


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  1. morgan. permalink
    September 14, 2010 1:19 am

    court, i love every single one. they’re very you!

    side note… mom does not think the #1 thing in life is getting senior pics. 🙂

    • September 14, 2010 7:21 am

      well…what i meant was she thought is was totally absurd that i didn’t want to get them, as though it were a crime! hah. and thank you!

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